• Club firings take place once a week, usually on a Wednesday for work produced by members.

  • Additional firings are scheduled for class and event work by tutors.

  • Each kiln has its own booking sheet. Please ensure you check to see someone has not already booked the kiln you wish to use.

  • There are allocated shelves for bisque and glaze firings. Please place your work on the appropriate shelf if you would like it fired.

  • Payment must be made at the time your work is put on the shelf. The kiln ticket must be placed with your work.

  • Please be aware that although the person loading and firing your work will take care , unfortunately accidents sometimes happen. Please be kind.

Commercial Production


Craft Potters is committed to providing a friendly, supportive and educational environment for creative potters and clay artists.

The clubs facilities are not intended for use by professional potters when doing commercial ("production") work for their own profit.

Commercial potters are welcome to become members of the club, but they should not use the studio's facilities to an extent that is detrimental to the general membership.

   If you are producing for sale:

  • You must not use the club glazes. You are welcome to use the facilities but you must provide your own glaze materials.

  • You may book a kiln for your own use but must not exceed 1 kiln firing a week.

  •  If you do not have a "Kiln Licence" you must organise a member who has one to fire your work for you. 

    Commercial production is defined as any work that is offered for sale either:

  • Via the internet (e.g. yours or a group website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.),

  • Supplied to any shop or gallery, presented at markets or exhibitions (either by yourself or on your behalf)

  • Created to fulfill a commission or contract.

Exemption 1:

Members who make the occasional pot for sale are excluded. “Occasional” is defined as no more than three items.

Exemption 2:

Any work produced specifically for entry into a ceramics competition is exempted.