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Craft Potters  membership year starts 1st July, for those joining before or after that date, fees are adjusted accordingly.

Membership: Membership


$200 per annum

Craft Potters is a non profit organisation run by the Members for the Members.  

The ongoing maintenance of the rooms, equipment and activities of the Club requires dedicated input from all our members. To familiarise yourself with how it all works we encourage you to address any queries to Committee Members.

As part of your membership you will be asked to give a small amount of
time to maintain the facilities, be it 15 minutes at the end of your session
or a few hours once or twice a year

Full membership provides:

  • A PIN number and security code for 24/7 access to the club and its facilities.

  • Full use of the club kilns, wheels, glazes, and tools.

  • Priority attendance to classes and workshops.

  • Newsletter

  • Full voting rights.

Firing fees are on a per item basis and is the only cost additional to membership.

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